Miami Swim Week 2017: Gottex (And Some Big News!)

Hello and happy Monday!!  I am finally sharing some photos from Miami Swim Week!

The first show we attended was Gottex.  I think this was my favorite show. I had the opportunity to choose a swimsuit featured on the runway.  It was an extremely hard choice!  Can you guess which one I picked?   You can see some clips from the show here.

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The Big News

Okay, so I’ve had this blog for a few years now and I am loving the way I get to connect with you guys and express my love for fashion. I definitely wanted to take things a step further, so I started a Youtube Channel! I’ll be creating some styling videos that I think you guys will really enjoy. 🙂 More to come on this soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

xx Niki

Photos by Louis & Louis Blog

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