Our Favorite Baby Boutique: The Tiny Compass

tiny compass baby boutique

Hi everyone! I can’t help but build up Andi’s wardrobe whenever I get the chance, and that means checking out the unique itms that the baby boutique, The Tiny Compass, has for us. I wanted to share with you the cutest bow (and baby) that I ever did see!

tiny compass baby boutique bow


tiny compass cute baby bow


We came across an adorable trendy baby boutique online called The Tiny Compass .  There are some really great things for girls AND boys so I know there’s something for everyone!  They sell stylish beanies, bows, headbands, booties, blankets, and wooden toys!  They also have beautiful prints to hang in the nursery.  Everything on their site is made in the USA, and that is something you can feel good about! To be honest, it’s hard not to keep going on because I truly do love their products so much.

As you can see from the pictures, Andi also loves everything from this baby boutique too!

My favorite product on their website is their monthly Bow Packs. Each month, they come out with a set of two or three bows in different prints or fabrics. It is a great way to start a quality collection of beautiful bows for your little girl. And… they are only $10 per pack!

Andi is wearing one of the bows from the May Bow Pack. The quality of the fabric is exceptional! I love the blue floral print and the size of this bow.  The clip has a nice grasp as Andi has fine hair.  I usually can’t get anything to stay in it for very long but she was able to wear this one all day without any problems.    This month’s pack came with two smaller yellow and white polkadot bows, which I will show later this week; so check back!

Head over to The Tiny Compass and use the code Andi for 15% off of your entire purchase!!  You can also follow them on Instagram @thetinycompass to get the scoop on new products.

Thanks for stopping by!

xx Niki and Andi

Bow: The Tiny Compass | Dress: Gap | Shoes: Nordstrom | Giraffe: Nordstrom | Tea cup: Bed Bath & Beyond

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