Today’s OOTD: Some Celine + The Blush Tiered Skirt

Happy Wednesday!

We had tried to take photos in this outfit last week but it did NOT go well.  It was extremely windy and my hair was ruined the minute I got out of the car – oops! It was absolutely impossible to get a decent picture.  Lipgloss was everywhere!  Take 2 went much more smoothly as  you’ll see in these pics.

I have always loved the tiered trend; tiered skirts, tops, dresses, and even sleeves.  It seems to be a timeless style.  I had to have this tiered skirt from Rachel Parcell’s latest collection.  I love the eyelet detail and the length is very flattering.  It looks great with black, white, nude and even navy.  Today I am wearing it with a black v neck blouse and pink pumps. It would be perfect to wear for Valentine’s Day!  My top is on sale for under $28 and comes in 9 different colors!!!

rachel parcell tiered skirt

Blush pink is huge this season and I really love how subtle it is. When you have lighter toned skin, it can be hard to find a pastel or light color that doesn’t wash you out, but blush pink (which is also now known as “tumblr pink!”) does a good job of toeing the line between light and just the right amount of color.

nordstrom top celine tote bag tiered skirt

If you’re looking for a cute yet comfortable Valentine’s Day outfit, I’d look for something similar! The long sleeves kept me feeling great in the (slightly) cooler weather and I think they balanced out the length of the tiered skirt. Pairing the solid color and classic shape of the skirt with this top sealed the deal for me. Plus, the Celine Luggage bag was an interesting way to pair off the outfit, since my top and bag matched just like my shoes and skirt complemented each other.

Stylish mommy blogger tiered skirt

I hope you all are enjoying your week and stay stylish. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

xx Niki

Skirt: Rachel Parcell | Top: Nordstrom | Heels: Christian Louboutin or similar version in a darker pink here | Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Lips: MAC Snob |


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