First time cooking with Blue Apron


Hi there!  I hope everyone is doing ok out there!  It is getting pretty windy here.  I am sure we will lose power at some point but so far, so good!  I am catching up on my recorded Ellen shows from the week and writing this post to take my mind off of Irma.

I am so excited to share my first experience using Blue Apron with you.  I have been wanting to try it and finally made the move and signed up for it.  I decided to go with two meals a week.  They also offer three meals a week, and even a family size.   Everything you need for each recipe comes in one box with two large reusable ice packs.  Check it out below!

I decided to make the seared chicken & creamy eggplant before our power went out.  It was extremely easy to follow the step by step directions.  There are even little check boxes to mark as you complete each step. 
cutting eggplantblue apron eggplantBlue apron food prepBlue apron chickenMaster Chef seared chicken and creamy eggplant

This meal was delicious!  I loved the creamy eggplant which was made with greek yogurt, roasted eggplant and red wine vinegar.  Earlier this week, I made the Fontina cheeseburgers with a blistered green pepper and cherry tomato salad.  The ground beef was great quality and the grilled potato buns were a perfect touch.  Blue Apron Fontina Cheeseburgers

We are looking forward to our next delivery!

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3 Meals Free on Your First Blue Apron Order

Thanks for stopping by and stay safe!!  Sending prayers to everyone in Irma’s path.

xx Niki

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