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Hi everyone! Anyone that knows me, knows that I have to have a cup (or two) of coffee every morning.  Over time, that can be pretty damaging to your smile.  I have tried whitening strips in the past, but they don’t always do the trick.  I had considered getting my teeth professionally whitened but the cost seemed extreme… Especially for someone who doesn’t plan on quitting their coffee habits anytime soon.

I recently had the opportunity to try Smile Brilliant.  I am really happy with the results!  Everything you need comes in the box.  You have the option to professionally whiten your teeth from the comfort of your couch.  Or bed, or wherever prefer!

Smile Brilliant opinion

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A few days after answering some questions about my teeth and sensitivity, the at home whitening kit arrived at my door.  I made my teeth molds and sent them back in the provided envelope.  About a week later, I received my custom whitening trays and was able to start the whitening process.  First, I use the whitening gel.  You can leave it on anywhere from 45 minutes up to 3 hours!  I have really sensitive teeth, so I never went over an hour at a time.  After the whitening gel, I use the desensitizing gel.  That only needs to sit for about 15-20 minutes.  I did this every other night.  I began to see results after the third or fourth session.

Smile brilliant after pics

^^ After

I love the convenience of Smile Brilliant.  I can pop the whitening trays in and do some cleaning, work on my blog, take a shower, or just lounge around and watch tv.  You can purchase an at home whitening kit for as little as $129.  That’s hundreds less than having them professionally done, and you get the same results.  After purchasing the initial whitening kit, you only have to buy whitening gel refills (as low as $19-$35).  Your custom whitening trays are reusable!  Use code andislist15 to receive $15 off of your order of trays!

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