My Paint Nite Experience

Happy Thursday!

Last night, my cousin and I had to privilege to go to a local Paint Nite.  We had a blast!  I have to say, I was skeptical that I would be able to create something even remotely similar to the teacher’s… but I did it! She made it easy to follow along, and the drinks helped open up my creativity, shall we say.

Paint Nite was held at one of our local brewery’s.  The atmosphere was perfect.  We decided this would make a great Christmas gift for the whole family!  You can have a private party anywhere, even your house.  It was such a fun experience, even if you can’t paint. I highly recommend it.  Get 45% off just for entering your email.

paint nite mommy blogger


paint nite event



paint nite drinks

paint nite final product

paint nite fashion blogger

Hope you enjoyed and get your paint on soon!

xx Niki


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